How I’ve Made a Full-Time Career Working From Home BEFORE the World Shutdown Even Started

Are you already dreading going back to work? Or are you over your current job and in search of how you can make money on your own time working for yourself? Well I’m about to tell you how I’ve been working from home since November, and making more money than I ever made working for someone else!

Besides the incredible men and women who have continued working to help society fuction during this pandemic, almost everyone is either working from home or unemployed. The world is slowly starting to feel like it’s healing. Things are starting to open up. People seem less anxious. We’re all ready to enjoy the things we took for granted. I’m just glad I can go enjoy them whenever I want, while also being able to keep my job and maintain my income – no going back to “the office” for me!

One of my streams of income is by having my own little Social Media Management business. I connect with businesses and help them organically market their products or services via Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest. Yeah, I literally get paid to play around on a business’s social media! And, to be honest, I get paid pretty well to do it. I spend about an hour or 2 per day on each of my clients’ social media pages. The best part is I can pretty much do this from ANYWHERE! I’ve worked on the beach, in line at the grocery store, even in the bathtub (I do this more often than you probably think).

The only downside to this business is that clients come-and-go pretty frequently. Some business owners get the hang of what I do and take over on their own. Others simply have to reallocate their budgets and marketing is usually the first thing to go. However, I love that I get to work with many different types of businesses and owners. I’ve learned so much about how to run a business from being part of the behind-the-scenes action.

After my 5 years of doing freelance social media management for various companies, I found myself wanting more. I’ve always been the type of person who likes to learn different things and put them to the test. In January, I started learning a fuck ton about affiliate marketing. This is essentially passive income on auto-pilot.

Basically, you get traffic to your email list and you send your subscribers emails occasionally with links promoting products you use. If they click and buy, you make a commission. You can either get free traffic by sharing your landing page on your own, or you can pay for traffic (way less work and time). I literally buy traffic, sit back, and wait for my emails to go out on their schedule and I make money – simple as that.

There are a decent amount of parts to set that all up so you have your business on auto-pilot. I was so overwhelmed with all of those parts – writing 20+ follow up emails, creating a landing page to get people to subscribe, paying for numerous systems to get me started, and a few other tedious tasks. My stress disappeared once I found 12 Minute Affiliate!

Instead of paying $100/month for ClickFunnels to create my landing pages so I can build my email list, I pay $47 (after a 2-week trial for $9.99) for 12 Minute Affiliate with pre-made landing pages AND it helped me set up my email list with 80 follow up emails written for me. In other words, I’m paying half the price I was to get this business going for them to also do the work for me. You can pay for 12 Minute Affiliate, set everything up in about 30 minutes, and just pay for traffic from there on out without doing another ounce of work.

I love waking up everyday at whatever time I want, working in the clothes I slept in, and being able to make money without someone hovering over me or telling me what to do. Businesses will always need help marketing and people are constantly buying stuff online, so why not leverage that to make income from home for yourself?

To read more about building passive income online and my honest review about 12 Minute Affiliate, click here!

Don’t hesitate to contact me at one of the links below for more information! I’d be more than happy to tell you more about how I’ve started making some money online.

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By ontomoftheworld

I'm a Social Media Manager and Marketer trying to make it in this world. I also travel abroad yearly. My responsibilities and experiences have shaped my perspective of this world. I'd like to share my thoughts and life with you.

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