Building Passive Income In Less Than 30 Minutes Per Day

If you aren’t making money online while stuck in quarantine, you’re making a huge mistake! There is more time than ever to learn a new skill and put it to the test – especially for money. As a social media marketing manager, I’ve studied various ways of getting a message out to an audience via the internet. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon affiliate marketing when I started feeling like success was right at my fingertips.

At the start of the year, I had no job. I was spending hours a day sending out my resume, writing cover letters, and submitting proposals for freelance jobs. When I felt I ran out of applications to fill out, I began spending time researching other ways to make money from home. It has always been my goal to be my own boss and be able to make money without being tied down to a location. Once I began signing a few clients, I took some bigger steps into affiliate marketing by focusing in on one product – 12 Minute Affiliate.

First, let me explain what I’ve come to learn affiliate marketing is. It’s basically email marketing to sell someone else’s product in exchange for commissions. You’re essentially an email salesperson. And one way you can do that is by getting traffic to a website to opt-in to your emails list. If they choose to give you their email address, they will receive offers from you through a series of automated emails (that’s how you can make passive income from it) containing your affiliate links. Once someone pulls out their card and purchases a product through your link, you make money!

12 Minute Affiliate is a program designed by Devon Brown, an incredibly successful affiliate marketer, to help beginner affiliate marketers start making money online. This (mostly) done-for-you system sets you up with a variety of sales-funnel websites to get people to opt-in to your list, 80 emails containing your affiliate link to the program, and instructions how to set it all up. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and there are definitely some good things, but some things I wasn’t completely happy about.

After you set it up, then what? You have to start getting traffic to your opt-in page. You can get free traffic by sharing the URL to your social media, in a blog post, in a forum, a YouTube video with the link in the description, etc. Unfortunately, this could be tough if you don’t have many followers – you’re not going to get much traffic.

Good news is you can buy your traffic through the program, but I wouldn’t recommend. I didn’t feel like the traffic and opt-ins I purchased through 12 Minute Affiliate were genuine. Luckily, there are other sites, like Udimi, where you can buy traffic for way cheaper and seems way more legit. Anyways, once you purchase visitors to your opt-in page, you just sit back and wait for them to opt-in and start receiving your automated emails.

Bad news is it’s kinda like gambling and requires patience, trust, and risk. Sometimes a person may not actually purchase until weeks, even months after they started receiving your emails. It’s completely a numbers game so the more traffic you get, the more opt-ins. The more opt-ins, the bigger your audience. The bigger your audience, the greater your chance of getting a sale. That’s pretty much just how it works.

You have to look at it as an investment. In some ways, it’s like buying stocks, but a different type of game. You could start today, buy 100 visitors and get a few people to purchase and you start making a profit on your first day. OR… you can start today and it take a few months and traffic orders before you see any results.

If you’re a marketer, writer, communications guru, a salesperson, or someone who knows they can spend less than 30 minutes a week copying and pasting emails to broadcast to your list, as well as purchase traffic, 12 Minute Affiliate is definitely for you! It’s a great stepping stone to learn about affiliate marketing and how you can start making passive income from anywhere you’re connected to the internet.

It’s perfect if you’re just looking to try something new. I mean, we’re stuck inside for who-knows how long, might as well start building. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll see money in your bank without lifting a finger.

I do have to say, you do have to commit to it. It’s not a huge commitment and you can do it at your own pace – on your own time. Building multiple streams of income, especially during this time, is a no brainer in my opinion. If I learned everything on my own, through books, YouTube videos, and 12 Minute Affiliate‘s training videos, you totally can too!

You never know how you can change your life until you try!

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