5 Ways to Overcome Senioritis

I cannot stand my professor as he babbles on about something I have absolutely no interest in. He shouts and uses ridiculous code names for scenarios to exemplify his ideas. I am currently 40 days away from graduating and I actually do not think I can make it that much longer.

Because I’ve already thrown tens of thousands of dollars at my university for my education, there’s no point of dropping out now.  Therefore, I’ve compiled a list of 5 ways I’m combating my serious case of senioriti

Write a blog post about it.

I’m extremely limited as to what I can do to keep myself entertained as I sit in class. I’m on my laptop because “phones are distracting” (what’s the difference if I’m not paying attention on my laptop or not paying attention on my phone?) so I have to make it look like I’m taking notes.  Writing a blog post to vent about my third-world problem of being anxious in class is a fantastic way of making it look like I’m taking diligent notes, when in fact, I’m not listening to a single word.

Count how many people in the class you’d sleep with.

Don’t lie to yourself, there are a few people in your class that you would definitely not say no to if the opportunity presented itself.  Classrooms are a great way to make friends but not necessarily the enviornment to get some digits and figure out if someone is d.t.f.. Use your imagination and daydream for a little!

Learn something you actually care about online.

There are plenty of blogs, YouTube videos and articles regarding a vast spectrum of interests on the internet.  Take the time to learn something you actually want to be learning.  For example, I’m a social media manager and digital marketer so I spend a good chunck of my class time reading blog posts about others who do a similar job or watch videos on the latest Instagram algorithm.  Instead of wasting your time paying attention to your teacher talk about something useless, find a venue to learn something that can better your future.

Organize your life.

I once heard the quote, “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”  Yeah, you can get away with going with the flow and getting everything done, but planning has been a huge key to my success.  I use Google Calendar to plan out my weeks down to the minute.  Take the time in class to figure out assignments due, when you have class and during what times you have to be at work.  This has helped relieve some anxiety of getting everything done and has given me a visual of what my week looks like.

Reward yourself for getting through the impossible.

I like to reward myself with the bar.  I’m the social media manager at a bar and grill so my “work” time is going into the restaurant and taking pictures/videos of the food, drinks, and environment.  When my classes feel longer than usual, I plan to go up to CANZ and have a drink as a reward for putting up with my professors all day.

These are only a few ways I keep myself entertained in classes I don’t care about whatsoever.  We all have our own means of coping with boredom so take these as you’d like or leave them.  I’d love to here other ways you pass time in class – help me finish my last 40 days of school!





By ontomoftheworld

I'm a Social Media Manager and Marketer trying to make it in this world. I also travel abroad yearly. My responsibilities and experiences have shaped my perspective of this world. I'd like to share my thoughts and life with you.

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